eCheck and ACH Processing

 With an eCheck option, your customers can pay with  funds from their checking accounts without using a paper check. They’ll  submit their checking account number and bank routing number. Funds are  then transferred to you through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), an  electronic banking network for direct deposit and electronic bill  payment. For merchants, eChecks processed as ACH electronic payments have considerable benefits:  

  1. Sales lift. Online shoppers seek out  sites that offer their preferred payment option. Limited payment options  are a major cause of cart abandonment during checkout.
  2. Faster funding. eChecks are processed much faster than conventional checks and can simplify accounting and reconciliation processes.
  3. Lower processing costs. Processing fees  for eChecks are significantly lower than the card-not-present (CNP)  interchange fees. Compared to credit card transactions, electronic  checks can provide dramatic savings in processing fees.
  4. Minimal risk. When a shopper enters  checking account information, it is screened against a database of bad  checks and other risk assessment parameters. The transaction is approved  or denied almost instantly.
  5. Easy implementation. If no customization  is needed, merchants can streamline eChecks as a payment option in just a  few business days through Aliant’s Secure Processing Gateway.